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React JS Developer

Pune, India
The Company

Planet Smart City fosters a culture of inclusivity that reflects our mission in addressing one of the most pressing current global issues: affordable housing. More than 1.6 billion people currently live in unsafe and overcrowded housing. We create cities and districts that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable by integrating the best architecture and engineering with the use of smart technology, digitalisation, resilient infrastructure and intelligent urban planning to provide high-quality, low-cost homes not only for today but for future generations. People and communities are put at the heart of our neighbourhoods, improving lives by enabling a circular economy and offering social innovation programmes, which help promote strong and supportive communities that nurture relationships and are enriched with services at a local level. By embracing high-impact, long-term value creation in all our projects, we want to change cities and lives for the better. Together, we are pioneering new standards for affordable housing which will create lasting value for our business and society present and future.

Job description

As a React JS Developer, you are expected to have hands-on technical skills in developing responsive/progressive web applications supporting multiple form factors. You would be part of the Planet SmartCity core technical competency team based in Pune, India.

Experience & Skills Essential
  • At least 4 to 6 years’ experience as React JS developer.

  • Hands-on Expert in UI/Front End Engineering/Development specifically React 16, Redux, NodeJs who can code, design and own front-end development and code.

  • JavaScript advance (ES6+), React v16, Reach Redux, React Fibre.

  • Advance State Management [Example: Redux, Mobx, RxJs, GraphQL etc.

  • NodeJs 10+ and Server Side JavaScript Application Development • HTML5, CSS3, ExpressJs, GraphQL.

  • Unit Testing Tools (Jest & Enzyme) & E2E test suites (Selenium, WebDriver, Cypress).

  • Docker/Containers.

  • Strong understanding of Rest APIs, Web Sockets, Service Workers, HTTP/S Protocol, Web Security and Cloud Infrastructure, CI/CD, Web Packaging and Optimization, UX and Styling.

  • Exposure to backend technology, hands-on like Java, Python.

  • Good Understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, Design Principles.

  • Experience in building multi-tenant SaaS Applications would be preferred.

  • Experience in building IoT App & Analytics platform development would be added advantage.

IJP : IN-714
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