Product Design

Envisioning Specialist

Turin, Italy
The Company

Planet Smart City fosters a culture of inclusivity that reflects our mission in addressing one of the most pressing current global issues: affordable housing. More than 1.6 billion people currently live in unsafe and overcrowded housing. We create cities and districts that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable by integrating the best architecture and engineering with the use of smart technology, digitalisation, resilient infrastructure and intelligent urban planning to provide high-quality, low-cost homes not only for today but for future generations. People and communities are put at the heart of our neighbourhoods, improving lives by enabling a circular economy and offering social innovation programmes, which help promote strong and supportive communities that nurture relationships and are enriched with services at a local level. By embracing high-impact, long-term value creation in all our projects, we want to change cities and lives for the better. Together, we are pioneering new standards for affordable housing which will create lasting value for our business and society present and future.

Job description

The main purpose is to use at best the innovative solutions selected by Research in order to help Planet and potential Customers to envision all the value for money they can obtain by a smart approach in real estate developments (due to a comparison with Business Development ADV/RE from the first phases). The work is divided into three main branches: Envisioning or Vision Analysis of the project and choice of the solutions which fits it best. Restitution of the proposal in a graphic presentation (Vision Light) or in a A4 document (Pre-feseability study), with the indication of a budget in coordination with other teams. Tenders and Competitions Partnering and supporting other engineering firms to take part to National and International Competitions in order to increase the company’s know-how in different fields and sectors. Project communications and marketing collaterals We overlook the communication material related to several projects, including the design of the commercial books, magazine, reports and handbooks. Collect and share research of new references with central Research team

  • Drafting of Envisioning (Vision) proposal trough discussion with clients

  • Tridimensional modeling of buildings, districts and cities

  • Constantly update the Envisioning area on changes related to brand identity and further communication’s content

  • Keep attention to new possible solutions and products for KIT (Key Interactive Tools – Planet Property Software)

  • Update configurator

Experience & Skills Essential
  • Knowledge of the main design software: Autocad, Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Pacchetto Office, Adobe Lightroom, (Revit - 0), (Lumion – 0), (Vray-0)

  • Languages: Italian – English – (Portuguese)

  • Previous experience in similar position (architectural firm) Participation in tender process with public administration

Education Essential
  • Workshop in design thinking and human centred design

  • Master in the area of smart building and sustainable design

  • Master degree in Architecture


IJP : IT-638
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