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Customization Project Manager

Turin, Italy
The Company

Planet Smart City fosters a culture of inclusivity that reflects our mission in addressing one of the most pressing current global issues: affordable housing. More than 1.6 billion people currently live in unsafe and overcrowded housing. We create cities and districts that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable by integrating the best architecture and engineering with the use of smart technology, digitalisation, resilient infrastructure and intelligent urban planning to provide high-quality, low-cost homes not only for today but for future generations. People and communities are put at the heart of our neighbourhoods, improving lives by enabling a circular economy and offering social innovation programmes, which help promote strong and supportive communities that nurture relationships and are enriched with services at a local level. By embracing high-impact, long-term value creation in all our projects, we want to change cities and lives for the better. Together, we are pioneering new standards for affordable housing which will create lasting value for our business and society present and future.

Job description

The Customization Project Manager will be responsible for leading the entire process of implementation of features in Planet Platform and Planet App projects, and lead the strategy of the product, as a member of the Agile Team. Define Stories and prioritize the Team Backlog to streamline the execution of program priorities while maintaining the conceptual and technical integrity of the Features or components for the team. Maximize the value produced by the team and ensure stories meet the user’s needs. Engage with cross-functional teams and keep relationships with different units, including working with Product Management, Customers, Business Owners, and other stakeholders. The Project Manager reports to the Head of Product and Customization.

  • Manage the relationship with the client and all stakeholders by meetings to take detailed ordering briefs clarify specific requirements of each projects to built project plan

  • Submit to the Project Board focus on essential project topics (efforts, costs, resources, expected results) to require confirm

  • Develop, for each project, a detail project plan to monitor and track progress, to ensure that all projects will be delivered on time, within scope, within budget and aligned with company KPIs

  • Coordinate internal resources and partner for the execution of projects

  • Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques and perform risk management: managing necessary changes to project scope, project schedule and project costs to minimize project risk

  • Share “lesson learned”, as best practices to replicate in other projects, with PMgmt unit

Experience & Skills Essential
  • Ability to understand technical specifications

  • Fluency in written and spoken English, as well as being able to communicate on technical requirements

  • Experience in relating to cross-functional teams for the design and development of high-performance digital platforms / mobile applications, with particular attention to the quality of the user experience

  • Ability to conceive software features as end-to-end experiments with the public

  • Sense of ROI, investment, value in relation to cost

  • Ability to develop parallel options

  • Strong sense of personal responsibility regarding decision making and collaboration with work teams

  • Managerial experience in the application of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Results orientation and propensity to put your skin in the game

  • Ability to anticipate challenges and try to proactively avoid obstacles

  • Experience in the management and coordination of different stages of design and development of digital platforms and server-side applications with agile methodologies (conception, prototyping, development, realization, supply, monitoring and operational management)

  • Knowledge of software architectures and development of high security, scalable and robust systems

  • Mentoring, coaching and development of emerging talents in the technological field

  • Strongly motivated, results-oriented, curious and open attitude

  • Excellent managerial and organizational skills and experience in defining guidelines

  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills and ability to clearly communicate complex concepts

  • Experience in relating to multi-disciplinary teams made up of heterogeneous figures

  • Office automation (Microsoft or Google suite)

  • Project Management tools (i.e. Trello, Ms Project, Gantt project)

  • Experts with proven technical, technological and managerial experience, not less than 5 years, acquired in the coordination of heterogeneous teams of developers, UXers and content designers for the conception, creation and supply of complex digital platforms focused on user needs

  • Costs management and timing control

IJP : IT-622
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