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Consolidation and Administration Manager

Turin, Italy
The Company

Planet Smart City fosters a culture of inclusivity that reflects our mission in addressing one of the most pressing current global issues: affordable housing. More than 1.6 billion people currently live in unsafe and overcrowded housing. We create cities and districts that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable by integrating the best architecture and engineering with the use of smart technology, digitalisation, resilient infrastructure and intelligent urban planning to provide high-quality, low-cost homes not only for today but for future generations. People and communities are put at the heart of our neighbourhoods, improving lives by enabling a circular economy and offering social innovation programmes, which help promote strong and supportive communities that nurture relationships and are enriched with services at a local level. By embracing high-impact, long-term value creation in all our projects, we want to change cities and lives for the better. Together, we are pioneering new standards for affordable housing which will create lasting value for our business and society present and future.

Job description

The Consolidation and Administration Manager is responsible for the preparation of the consolidated figures, for supporting the Head of Finance in the consolidation process, and for organising and supervising the administrative and taxation activities of the subsidiaries, taking the lead in the relevant processes when needed.

  • Prepare Group interim and year-end consolidated financial figures under IFRS.

  • Organise and supervise the financial and administrative processes for local subsidiaries, taking the lead in the relevant processes when needed, including the timely preparation of local interim and year-end reporting.

  • Supervise the preparation of statutory financial statements, taking the lead in the relevant processes when needed.

  • When needed, manage any third-party experts involved in the financial, administrative and tax processes for local subsidiaries, including fiscal experts on tax computation.

  • Supervise the performance of all the required controls to guarantee the correctness of the group financial statements and interim reporting.

Experience & Skills Essential
  • Essential:

  • At least 3/5 years in a dynamic and challenging environment.

  • Deep knowledge of both IAS/IFRS and Italian GAAP

  • Good knowledge of local direct and indirect taxes

  • Personal qualities:

  • Dynamic and keen to grow rapidly

  • Smart and flexible

  • Real Estate business experience

Education Essential
  • Degree in economic studies

  • CPA or equivalent title

IJP : IT-721
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