Real Estate

Smart Solutions Maintainer

Torino, Italy
The Company:


Planet Smart City is a leading, innovative proptech company that designs and builds smart, affordable neighbourhoods around the world. Out unique proposition combines our digital know-how and strong sense of social responsibility to build sustainable, connected communities to improve the lives of residents today and in the years ahead.

With a global footprint in the affordable housing sector across emerging and development markets, our expertise in smart solutions integration, digital technologies, services and social innovation enhances residents' quality of life. Embracing digital transformation, we place our communities at the heart of company activities and create sustainable value for shareholders.

Our smart and socially inclusive neighbourhoods are supported by the unrivalled services of the Planet App, the front-end of Planet Smart City's proprietary digital platform, which enables residents to engage which each other and their neighbourhood. In tackling the global housing deficits, we focus on generating positive social impact and have created an innovative format for smart developments that can be replicated worldwide.

Founded by Italian real-estate entrepreneurs Giovanni Savio and Susanna Marchionni in 2015 and chaired by physicist and entrepreneur Stefano Buono, Planet Smart City is headquartered in the UK, with offices in Brazil, India and Italy.



Main purposes of job:


1. The Smart Solutions Maintainer researches international case studies on Smart Solutions, following the Subject Matter Experts. 

2. The Smart Solutions Maintainer will be responsible for defining the general criteria for the implementation of Planet's Smart Solutions. 

3. The Smart Solutions Maintainer supports Advisory PMs in implementing solutions into Planet's projects. 

4. The Smart Solutions Maintainer receives regular feedback from the PMs on the use the solutions and products as lesson learnt. 

5. The Smart Solutions Maintainer is responsible for the routine maintenance of Planet's internal tool: the Smart Map. 

6. the Smart Solutions Maintainer researches information about international smart districts in order to update Planet's knowledge on competitors' status.



Key tasks:


● Defining materials and methods for the deployment of new solutions.

● He/she will be responsible for uploading and maintaining the relevant documents on the Catalogue. 

● Collecting feedback about the deployment of Smart Solutions (Planet's case studies). 

● Supporting the design during the development of projects (in order to deploy the solutions) and in the recording of solutions in the Configurator.

● Updating the "new districts" section in the Smart Map tool.





● Master of science degree in Architecture/Engineering/ Industrial Design.

● No more than 1 year after graduation. 

● No older than 28 years (for Apprenticeship).

● Autocad experience.

● Experience on building site.





● Fluent in written and spoken English.

● Basic knowledge of Data science 

● Knowledge management orientation

● Experience in the field of applied research



Personal qualities:



● Intellectual curiosity. 

● Ability to listen, discuss and synthesize. 

● Comfort in working in multidisciplinary teams. 

● Ability to keep a wide view on the general company strategy and to focus on the implementation of very specific solutions at the same time. 

● Teamwork ability.

● Time management. 

● Problem-solving. 

● Good critical thinking.

● Responsible and reliable.

● Commitment to the job. 

● Strong work ethic


Type of contract:


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